book 2 my virtual journal writing

june 6 2019
hello! oops long time no see hehe!
i watched rocketman yesterday and it was so so good!!
i'm trying to learn how to sew actual clothes
so i downloaded a bunch of vintage patterns.
wish me luck! my gcses are so close to being over and i
couldn't be more relieved. i'll update again soon!
ps. i didn't punish alice for eating
fish fingers it was morrissey i promise >:-(

may 31 2019
it's my sister's birthday and she's going to
a theme park with my parents, so i'm going to an
exhibition at the tate! i just got a
new poetry anthology too and i'm excited to read it!
half term is almost over but i only have two
more weeks of gcses until they're finally finished!
i'll hopefully have more time to update
here in the summer.

may 29 2019
haven't been here for a while oops.
it's half term now so i have a lot more free
time. hooray! i did absolutely nowt today so i'll keep
this entry short. i just listened to gnr while
playing gaia online, then went to my piano lesson,
then my dad took my sister and i to nando's! yay!

may 22 2019
hello! this is the first update in my
journal. i hope you enjoy reading this (if
there's anyone actually there :-O). anyway, i had my
last english lit exam today, which was terrifying
but i'm glad it's over hehe. i'm doing
it for a level so i hope i did well.
i'll update again soon!

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